Almost all other breeds of lop-eared native English Lop has chosen to expand and increase the length of the ears are very large.

Origins. Does have excellent maternal instincts; their litter sizes vary from 3 to even 14.

They’re a short-haired animal that can have black, fawn, golden fawn or white coats.
Kits are full of energy and curiosity while adults are very kind and gentle. I have a room dedicated to my smaller pets, and am planning to almost divide it in half so Chive, and the new addition can each have half the room to themselves. Pet rabbit breed profiles including dutch, netherland dwarf, lop, dwarf lop, mini lop, lionhead. They grow to be around 11 pounds and are known to be quite inactive, so obesity is a major problem with the breed.

One of the two pre-existing lop-eared rabbit breeds used to create French Lops, English Lops are the original lops. They are the only breed of lop to have short, flyback fur. The English Lop rabbit breed is a commonly known rabbit from its defined characteristics, but what about its personality? English lops are a large breed with a graceful mandolin body type and handsome heads. Fruit pieces can be given as a treat or to help in the training of your bunny.

Temperament The English Lop is known to be an amiable, placid, and laid-back rabbit. This rabbit has no maximum size, but is loved for its long, floppy lop ears. A large hutch is required because of its size. He (hoping to get a male) would be an indoor rabbit! English Lop is the oldest of lop-eared breeds and have been bred in Britain since the 18th century. Information on size, lifespan, temperament, colours, care, suitability as childrens pet, house rabbit. English lops have been raised in England since the mid 1800’s. The calm and friendly temperament, they are large rabbits with very long ears. They are willing to be held and are nearly always in a good mood.

I have a soft spot for Lops, I love the floppy ears and I know my Holland Lop's personality is to die for. Behavior / temperament: The English Lop is known for its amicable and laid-back temperament. Buy and Sell English Lops Rabbits & Bunnies uk with Freeads Classifieds. Bred in the early 19th century and prized as pets in the Victorian era, the English Lop was used to develop other lopped breeds such as the French and Mini Lop. Hair type: Short.

The English Lop comes in a variety of colours including self or solid colours and broken coats with white as the base colour. Size: Large. There are currently more than 60 rabbit breeds and 500 varieties worldwide, with new ones being developed all the time.

English Lop. They are a very amiable rabbit, with a friendly outgoing personality, being more docile and gentle in comparison to other breeds.