note 9 : early January 2006 two of 14 new satellite transmitters were fitted on Greater White-fronted near Middelburg, (Zeeland, NL).

The greater white-fronted goose (Anser albifrons) is a species of goose related to the smaller lesser white-fronted goose (A. erythropus).It is named for the patch of white feathers bordering the base of its bill, in fact albifrons comes from the Latin albus "white" and frons" forehead ".

The Greater White-fronted Goose (Anser albifrons) is a species of goose.The Greater White-fronted Goose is more closely related to the smaller Lesser White-fronted Goose (A. erythropus).In Europe it has been known as simply "White-fronted Goose"; in North America it is known as the Greater White-fronted Goose (or "Greater Whitefront"), and this name is also increasingly adopted internationally.

The Greater White-fronted Goose inhabits natural wetlands and agricultural lands-a broad spectrum of habitats ranging from wet tundra, boreal forest mires, and coastal marshes in the temperate zone to semiarid grasslands, deserts, and montane valleys in the subtropics of Mexico.

Select this link to see photos of the Great White-Fronted Goose The Greater White-Fronted Goose is a gray goose with a white patch on the front of the face, a pink bill, … The sexes are similar in appearance, but males typically are larger.

The head, neck and upper back of white-fronted geese are grayish-brown.

In North America, birds spend the winter along the west coast from southern Canada to northern Mexico, and inland along the Mississippi River to central Mexico. The white-fronted goose is named for the distinctive white band found at the base of bill.

Ringing is carried out in cooperation between Helmut Kruckenberg and Alterra and most birds are trapped by traditional Dutch goose catchers, mainly in The Netherlands, but also accidentally in Germany and Hungary. The Greater White-Fronted Goose was photographed at McKinley Park in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Greater White-fronted Geese As a follow-up of projects in former Eastern-Germany and in Siberia, many Greater White-fronted Goose have been ringed from 1998 onwards. The Greater White-fronted Goose breeds in the arctic tundra of North America, Siberia and Greenland giving it one of the largest distributions of any goose in the world. Listen to Greater white-fronted goose on - a comprehensive collection of North American bird songs and bird calls. One of them was fitted only with … The lower back and rump are dark brown, and …