The results are the first to show the association with mind wandering and intelligence . American mathematician Norbert Wiener (1894–1964) was by all accounts, a very peculiar man. "Of course, that was long ago, but at the time it seemed like the present." There is a big difference between a smart person and an intelligent person, and some people who think they’re neither are usually more intelligent than they think. Minds that drift often to thoughts unrelated to a present activity actually are sharper, contrary to common notions. After graduating from high school at 11 years old, he entered Tufts College and within three years was… To test the folklore that the older we get the absent-minded and unreliable we become we gave this questionnaire to our Manchester volunteers to check what they had to tell us about their own experiences of absent-mindedness. Define absentmindedness.

Oddly enough, despite Andy's complete absent-mindedness and utter lack of formal intelligence, he tried to become a cop during season 5 of the show and was the only person in history to get a 100 on the writing portion of the It's absentmindedness synonyms, absentmindedness pronunciation, absentmindedness translation, English dictionary definition of absentmindedness.