Claiming, “I don’t think my work is shocking,” Andres Serrano is (in)famous for his unflinching color photographs of controversial subjects, including Ku Klux Klansmen, dead bodies, feces, handguns, and Catholic figurines submerged in bodily fluids. His best-known pieces are large format images of objects (frequently religious in nature) and studio portraiture, often featuring titles that unambiguously describe the process of creating the work. Andres Serrano is an American artist notorious for the controversial content of his photographic works. He drowned Jesus in urine and visited the KKK. Andres Serrano first drew attention to himself with a series of shocking art pieces created with the use of plastic figures and bodily fluids, most notoriously with his 1987 photo entitled Piss Christ that remains his most famous and controversial work to date. Andres Serrano was born in Manhattan on August 15, 1950, and raised in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, as an only child in an American family of Honduran and Afro-Cuban origin. A history of violence: why Andres Serrano turned his camera to torture Yoli Terziyska. His father was a Honduran immigrant, and his mother, although born in Florida, was raised in Cuba and spoke only Spanish.