... You are invited to join us at the Launch Party of Aquanox Deep Descent in Vienna! They can also be modified to create various AOE, DOT and homing effects. Posts about Aquanox. card.

Aquanox Team is raising funds for Aquanox Deep Descent on Kickstarter! Aquanox Deep Descent is a re-imagining of both the gameplay and world of the original AquaNox-series. This time the production isn’t a work of Massive Development Studio, but Digital Arrow team, responsible for …

11 • Posted by 1 day ago [GIVEAWAY][STEAM]Aquanox Deep Descent. + Aquanox manta ray tag. The history of the genre, the project itself has been somewhat confused basis for him came in two games, AquaNox and Deep Six, the first did not have a fresh release, and the second was initially developed by one Studio, and then was taken over by Nordic Games. 195k members. The Aquanox-series has its roots in the game Archimedean Dynasty (German: Schleichfahrt), released in 1996, which was followed by AquaNox in 2001 and AquaNox 2: Revelation in 2003.

+ Limited Edition + Your name on the in-game memorial plate.

Join. card classic compact. Exclusive in-game content: + All Collector's Edition content + An additional three-part quest row, spread out over the game, which rewards you with unique ship parts. This is a subreddit for finding free Steam keys! AquaNox was a cool IP over 20 years that received some great praise for the innovative story and tactics used to convey it in an underwater environment. Re-imagine Aquanox with us! Posts. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts Aquanox Deep Descent features six unique primary weapons, each serving a distinct tactical purpose. Exploring your environment is vital in the unforgiving deep sea world of Aqua. Pilot customized fighter ships, explore a deep sea dystopia torn by the struggle for resources & survival! CLOSED. Aquanox: Deep Descent (FPP) for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One is third installment of a cycle of submarine simulators in futuristic convention. Visit.

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Sadly, when the … Topic on Reddit. Aquanox Deep Descent, as the ideas on display to raise funds on Kickstarter ($75 thousand).