After the global nuclear war, which melted ice caps at both poles, the surface of the planet ceased to be habitable, and humanity was forced to descend into the depths of the ocean, from which it … Audio-fitted SuperVGA film sequences in cinema format with orchestral sound make you feel like you are a part of the action. The Game, Archimedean Dynasty, is a challenging, action packed submarine simulation. An underwater vehicular combat sim, created by now defunct German developer Massive Development (not to be confused with Swedish studio Massive Entertainment).The game is a direct sequel to their earlier title Archimedean Dynasty (a.k.a. Archimedean Dynasty didn't do very well in the U.S., but Massive says they've sold over 100,000 copies in Germany. Download the best games on Windows & Mac. Aquanox is the sequel to Archimedean Dynasty, a Wing Commander-like submersed action-adventure from way back in 1997. In the XXVII century, a global cataclysm forced mankind to go deep into the oceans. Talk to a few other people around the …

The game provides an extensive dialog system with which you can communicate with the other characters you'll encounter. Description In this sequel to Archimedean Dynasty, the player once again controls Emerald "Dead-Eye" Flint, the hero from the first game.Five years after Archimedean Dynasty, the underwater metropolis Neopolis, capital city of the Atlantic Federation, is a battlefield.It is a battle between the government and a new, hard line. Archimedean Dynasty Augmented Mod 1.01 Sep 16 2013 Full Version This version includes two small fixes made thanks to trais' effort. Archimedean Dynasty is a challenging, action packed submarine simulation. On July 29, 2015, after years of non-availability, the game was re-released on the digital

(previous page) () Archimedean Dynasty's minimum system requirements are a 486-DX4 100 megahertz CPU, MS-DOS 5.0, a mouse, a double-speed CD-ROM drive, a VESA or PCI 16-bit video card, and a SoundBlaster-compatible sound card. In the spirit of mercenary games e.g. DIVE!The predecessor to the AquaNox series, Archimedean Dynasty is a submarine-simulation set in a post-apocalyptic world on the ocean floor. As a mercenary to Emerald "Dead Eye" Flynt, you travel through the depths of your submarine, completing commissioned missions and defending yourself against pirates. Immerse yourself in the action and watch it unfold under your control. Archimedean Dynasty (German: Schleichfahrt, meaning silent running) was the first of the "Aqua series" of computer games, developed by Massive Development and published by Blue Byte in 1996. This game has it all, a good story, a likeable main character, great graphics, fabulous sound, and fun game play to boot. Archimedean Dynasty PC. I'd have to say that if games like Wing Commander: Privateer, Elite, or Subwar: 2050 interest you, this game will definitely be your cup of tea. Schleichfahrt Augmented Mod 0.9 Jul 12 2013 Full Version German briefings, conversations, item descriptions, object names and communication messages during missions, haven't been modified yet.

Sub Culture is THE best underwater simulation game I have ever played, bar none (well, except for Archimedean Dynasty perhaps). Overall, Archimedean Dynasty's strengths definitely outweigh its minor weaknesses. Assuming the role of mercenary, Emerald “Dead Eye” Flint, you must navigate the dangers that lurk below, including corrupt … Silent Running, which takes place in the same fictional universe a few years prior.. Archimedean Dynasty (c) Blue Byte Software Walk Through submitted by Argentine Basin Magellan In the beginning you will receive a message from Perry LaSalle, telling you that El Topo, your boss, will be calling in a few minutes. Privateer, Sub Culture is an open-ended game allowing players to accept missions or just explore their surroundings. Although the name was remarkable enough to … Unlike its previous action/strategy release Archimedean Dynasty, which had a full-size and full-length manual, Blue Byte has joined the pack in Extreme Assault and provided simply the slim jewel-case manual so common in today's games. The future, which the creators of Archimedean Dynasty predict, is hard to call bright. Add single item Turn your stuff into cash; Integrate API Extend your store with new items Audio-fitted SuperVGA film sequences in cinema format with orchestral sound make you feel like you are a part of the action. Pages in category "Games" The following 9,600 pages are in this category, out of 43,894 total. A vast selection of titles, DRM-free, with free goodies, customer love, and one fair price for all regions.