Places a buff on the user for 30 seconds. Learning that Mudd was a spy, Lorca and Tyler left him behind when they escaped from Klingon custody. Lieutenant Nyota Uhura seduced Mudd with a confiscated love crystal, while Tarsh tried to kill Harry and use the Andromedan weapons to sieze the Klingon throne. Harry gave Kirk the weapons to halt the renegade's plans, but evaded capture thanks to an Andromedan device implanted in his system, enabling him to bypass electronic security systems. That was the last time that Harry Mudd appeared in live-action. The Animated Series and The Mudd Incident. This module, released with the Rise of Discovery update, is obtained from the Discovery Legends branch of the Reputation System, available starting at Tier 4.. Mudd was later able to engineer his own escape from Klingon custody.

(It's unknown whether Mudd's time crystal is similar to the Bajoran Orb of Time seen in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.) Item description [edit | edit source]. How Mudd was able to perform his time travel magic was revealed when Burnham realized Mudd wore a time crystal on his wrist and hid a larger time crystal inside his ship, which he then hid inside the gormagander. Universal Kit Module - Mudd's Time Device is a Kit Module which can be slotted into the module slot, unrestricted by character's career. During that time he murdered Captain Lorca over 50 times. Using a time crystal Mudd trapped USS Discovery in a time loop while he figured out the secrets of the spore drive.