Toy Cavoodles also don’t weigh much more than 6kg when they reach adulthood (unless they are given a few too many treats).

Toy Cavoodles are smaller, and generally reach a height of 28 – 35 cm at the shoulder when fully grown. The Cavoodle (a.k.a Cavapoo), a cross breed of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Miniature Poodle, is the most popular small designer breed in Australia. ‘Are your poodles mini or toy poodles?’ is another question we are asked. Colours range from a solid black Cavapoo, gold, white, chocolate, fawn and grey. A question that we commonly get asked is ‘How big will my cavoodle get?’ or ‘I only want a certain sized puppy and I’ve been told that my spoodle needs to be x cm tall’. On the other hand, Mini Cavoodles can reach heights of 45 cm at the shoulder.

Of course, other factors will define how much your particular adult cavapoo will weight, such as … ... Puppies all grown up . Tawoodles is a Melbourne based Cavoodle breeder, offering Quality Cavoodle Puppies that are Sweet Natured, Fun Loving and in great health - Grown Puppies. Cavoodles have soft, Poodle-like coats which tend to shed a small amount since Poodles do not shed but Cavaliers do. How big will my cavoodle grow? Full grown cavapoo normally weight around the range of 6 – 19 lbs ( 3-9 kg), again, depending on how the cavapoo was bred and what traits it inherited. They are quite a small dog and can weigh up to 20lbs or 9 kg. Here you… We hope you enjoy browsing through the Gallery of Tawoodle's Cavoodle Puppies at an older age.

A Cavapoo's coat is soft, it can be wavy resembling the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel or more tightly curled like the Poodle.

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