How to use chase in a sentence. chasing cars may have an edgy lyrics because it may refer to a slang used by pimps to dismiss their hoes "Go Chase Cars" which means they work the streets. Synonym Discussion of chase. "Chasing Cars" is a song by Scottish-Northern Irish alternative rock band Snow Patrol. It was recorded in 2005 and released on 6 June 2006 in the United States and 24 July 2006 in the United Kingdom. Chase definition: If you chase someone, or chase after them, you run after them or follow them quickly in... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Human translations with examples: nate, habol, humobog, pavement, kumubkob, nawindang, meaning acts. Contextual translation of "chasing meaning" into Tagalog. Chase definition is - the hunting of wild animals —used with the. It is also the lead single from their third studio album, Word of Mouth (2013). "Chasing the Sun" is a song by English-Irish boy band The Wanted. It was released as their third single in the United States on 17 April 2012, from their debut EP, The Wanted: The EP (2012). It was released as the second single from their fourth studio album, Eyes Open (2006).

The chorus "If I lay here... would you lie with me" is a play on words. Snow Patrol's Chasing Cars has just topped the list of most listened to tracks of the first 20 years of the century by PPL. Getting laid and lying about it.