Buying a Townhouse Vs. Buying a Duplex. If you’re looking for a townhouse or duplex for sale and you’d like to compare a duplex vs. a townhouse, you should know that there’s a certain kind of scenario we have to consider – owner-occupied duplexes vs. townhouses. A townhouse is said to be a residential building characterized by terraces. Townhouse and duplex are different in terms of their construction. A duplex is two apartments having separate entrances. In some countries, a duplex is also called a “two-flat” or “two-family dwelling.” Townhouse vs Duplex Townhouse vs Duplex. Typically, one family owns the property and the other unit is rented out to another family.

A duplex is a kind of house that is characterized by apartments with separate entrances for two families.

A duplex is the closest you can get to the layout and ownership structure of a single family home. The biggest difference between a duplex and a townhouse or apartment or condo is ownership. You are usually only sharing a single wall with the adjoining unit, and you retain ownership of the entire structure and land (along with maintenance responsibilities). A townhouse is a dwelling place which accommodates several families. In a duplex, the entire building is owned by a single person and both sides are rented out. A townhouse or town home is a row of houses attached to other houses. Now, that isn’t to say that a person can’t buy the building and live on one side of … A townhouse on the other hand is a building with accommodating several families. A duplex is a building having two units close to each other. Townhouses and duplexes are different in their construction. It is usually occupied by two families. Duplex vs. Townhouse. Townhouse vs Duplex. A duplex is commonly 2 stories high like the average home.