... including on furniture or even in your bed. So, if there is … Eliminate Moist Soil - Create a zone next to the foundation that is free of mulch, dead leaves, and other organic material. Occasionally, an … There are other methods that you can get rid of the earwigs from your home or garden. The utter hell Macy experiences with the earwig crawling around in his head is perfectly encapsulated by the look on Harvey’s face when he’s bound to his bed to keep himself from literally killing himself to end the torture. I live in a modern, house, my room is upstairs, by bed is raised high off the ground of my room....HOW would an earwig get into my bed??? Learn how to control an overpopulation by killing earwigs using traps and preventing … Earwigs can be both a beneficial insect and a garden pest. and more importantly... why would an earwig want to go into my bed?? In the event that the pinch does break the skin, it is best to utilize the same first aid as one would use for any type of scratch. Trim Overhanging Branches - Trim trees and shrubs that cause damp, shady areas near the house. Here are some more things you ought to do to control bed bug population. An earwig pinch site might become red and swollen. In most cases, the discomfort is mild and passes quickly. These bugs can be anywhere from one-fourth of an inch to one and one-fourth inches long. The “dry zone” should be 6” to 12” wide so that earwigs will avoid it. Other Ways to Prevent & Control Earwig Infestation. Keep in mind that earwigs do live in the soil typically, so there is the possibility of germs getting into the cut from the forceps. what to earwigs even eat? Around the Home. There are a number of natural methods that you can undertake to deal with the earwigs both in your home and the garden. Earwigs are medium-sized insects which have flat bodies (like silverfish) and are usually black or brown, some with stripes or reddish coloring on their head and limbs.