He was the son of Edmund Tudor and Margaret Beaufort.He was born on January 28, 1457. Alexander Reginald Myers The parents of Elizabeth of York were Elizabeth Woodville and Edward IV of England. Though people do not agree on the extent to which Elizabeth Woodville influenced Edward’s rule, few would say that their marriage wasn’t passionate. Nothing more is known about Katherine. She married Henry VII of England (Henry Tudor) on January 18, 1486, in Westminster Abbey, London, England. Since Richard had declared all of the children of Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville illegitimate, to have Elizabeth arrayed in the same manner as the Queen was seen as shocking. Elizabeth of York was born on the 11th February 1466 and was the daughter, and eldest child, of Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville. There is no record of any children from the marriage and it is thought that she may have died young as at the coronation of Elizabeth of York, Earl Huntingdon is described as a widower. Get started WikiTree FREE. Create a free family tree for yourself or for Elizabeth Plantagenet and we’ll search for valuable new information for you. Margaret of York (3 May 1446 – 23 November 1503)—also by marriage known as Margaret of Burgundy—was Duchess of Burgundy as the third wife of Charles the Bold and acted as a protector of the Burgundian State after his death.

Elizabeth of York was born in 1466 and passed away in 1503. By Elizabeth Woodville he had seven children who survived him: two sons, Edward (afterward Edward V) and Richard, duke of York, who were probably murdered in the Tower of London in August 1483, and five daughters, of whom the eldest, Elizabeth, married Henry VII. Elizabeth of York was born in … Elizabeth of York was born in 1466.She died in 1503. This incident can be, and has been interpreted in several ways. Elizabeth Countess of Hereford de Bohun 1282 1316 Elizabeth Countess of Hereford de Bohun (born Plantagenet), 1282 - 1316 . Croyland discusses the anticipated death of Queen Anne, alluding that Richard had discussed divorce prior to Anne becoming seriously ill. Her father had managed to capture and imprison Henry VI in 1461, dethroning him and taking the crown for himself, starting the royal House of York. She was a daughter of Richard, 3rd Duke of York, and Cecily Neville, and the sister of two kings of England, Edward IV and Richard III. Elizabeth of York was the oldest child of Edward IV and his scandalous bride, Elizabeth Woodville.