He established the Edison Light Company with the help of J.P. Morgan and the Vanderbilts. It also developed communication and transportation, making it easier for businesses to reach their consumers. Edison changed the way of life during the Gilded Age. 19 May 2020. Business unusual: Leadership tips to help your team stay engaged From 1865 to 1900, technology transformed the United States during the period known as the Gilded Age. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Gilded Age Gilded Age, period of gross materialism and blatant political corruption in U.S. history during the 1870s that gave rise to important novels of social and political criticism. Start studying Gilded Age: Inventions, Innovations and Technology. Industrial and Technological Advances The Gilded Age was a period of widespread economic growth as the United States jumped to the lead in industrialization ahead of Britain. Technology transformed the United States during the Gilded Age in many ways. First, it allowed for businesses to find new ways to do old tasks and do them more efficiently. Thomas Edison replaced the gaslight by creating an inexpensive electric light. Blog. During this time, the lives of the American people ultimately changed, for many Americans, including farmers, were able to share better food, yield more land, and … Sarah johnson, Haley Ensley, and Blake Jangham.

The period takes its name from the earliest of these, The Gilded Age (1873), written by Mark Twain in … The nation was rapidly expanding its economy into new areas, especially heavy industry like factories, railroads, and coal mining.