Catherine died on April 29, 1380, of a mysterious and painful illness that came on without notice, and was never properly diagnosed. In 1970 the Roman Catholic Church declared her a doctor of the church, an honor bestowed on only 31 others (and only one other woman). St. Catherine of Siena Biography, Life, Interesting Facts. Caterina di Giacomo di Benincasa was born in the city of Siena, Italy, on March 25, 1347. Catherine died in Rome at the age of 33. Early Life & Family. St. Catherine of Siena died died on April 29, 1380 of an apparent stroke. St. Catherine of Siena, original name Caterina Benincasa, (born March 25, 1347, Siena, Tuscany—died April 29, 1380, Rome; canonized 1461; feast day April 29), Dominican tertiary, mystic, and one of the patron saints of Italy.

Her mother was Lapa Piagenti, a homemaker.
St Catherine of Siena was an Italian laywoman, mystic, activist, and writer.. In the months leading up to her death, she had physical difficulties, such... See full answer below.