you can use this equation to do your own math on the subject: 780= 686,1 + (50/365)

Mars, ancient Roman deity, in importance second only to Jupiter. Nightflyers $ 28.00. 1) Named after the Roman God of war, Mars is the fourth planet from the sun in our solar system.

Image courtesy of NASA/JPL-Caltech. The first sightings of Mars.

This age may represent the age of the Earth's accretion, or core formation, or of the material from which the Earth formed. All the inner planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars) began to form at about the same time, or 1-3 million years after the outer planets began forming. If you're 25 years old on Earth, you'd barely be a teenager on Mars.

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A Ten year old on Mars would be around: 6.2 years old (if she grew up on mars that is). Total 7,315 days old now. Mars is 20 years 10 days old. Mars has a radius of 3.389 km or 2.105 mi being twice as small as Earth. Little is known of his original character, and that character (chiefly from the cult at Rome) is variously interpreted. The age of the Earth is estimated to be 4.54 ± 0.05 billion years (4.54 × 10 9 years ± 1%).

Mars finished forming in about 10 million years, while Earth took about 100 million years.

Mars’s mass is 6.42 x 10 23 kilograms, about 10 times less than Earth. Is Mars inhabited? 1700s Does Mars have ice caps? Astronomers think that all this happened about 4.6 billion years ago!

And the farther a planet is from the sun, the longer its year. Mars's next birthday is in 11 months 20 days.

Mars has a volume of 1.6318 x 10¹¹ km³ (163 billion cubic kilometers) which is the equivalent of 0.151 Earths. 1600s The telescope helps us see Mars.

She was born in 2000 in Minnesota and grew up there.
When is the next birthday of Mars? So Mars is about 4.6 billion years old. Some important life events on Mars: you will be 3 years old when you start school for the first time, and you will be an adult by the age of 10! Mars was formed at the same time as the rest of the Solar System, from a large spinning disk of gas and dust.

Join us on an out-of-this-world adventure with our fascinating facts about Mars… Facts about Mars. Mars is, on average, about 50 million miles (80.5 km) farther from the sun than Earth is. Old Mars is a "retro Mars science fiction"-themed anthology edited by George R. R. Martin and Gardner Dozois, published on October 8, 2013.