Again, 15 year old idiot at the time. Sneaky behavior and lying are some of the hardest issues for parents to deal with. They think he lives in another city when really he still lives here and we spend a lot of time together now that i am in college. When your child lies and sneaks around, it can feel like a betrayal and begins to feel like a moral issue. Im lying to my parents about my boyfriend, how do i tell them the truth without them freaking out? You got caught sneaking out to your boyfriend's house when you said you were headed to Ashley's — and that's the third time this month.

You’ve spent a year being defiant that he’s everything they’ll reject. Sometimes adolescents do not tell the whole truth in certain situations, such as not telling a boyfriend or girlfriend all the reasons for … I basically told this girl that things at home weren’t great with my parents when they totally were. Now you're grounded for the next two weeks.

Parents should respond to isolated instances of lying by talking with their child about the importance of truthfulness, honesty, and trust. Stop lying to your parents, and possibly to yourself, too. What to Do When My Child Lies? You start to question their character. Lying to your parents, even if it's about something small, damages your relationship over time and never ends well. Trust me, my parents are probably the kindest and most caring people you will ever meet. 13 Ways to Respond, Prevent, and Strengthen Honest Communication When parents discover their children are lying to them, they are usually filled with keen dismay, sometimes incredulity, puzzlement or anger, and underneath it all, always, in … You may start to dislike your child. I've been dating this guy for about three years now that they thought was out of my life two years ago. However, for some sick reason I felt the need to fabricate some lie so I could get this crush to feel sorry for me.