But the population decreased in the 1900s as wild lands were cleared for agriculture and game hunting increased. Meetings are the 1st Thursday of the month at 7 … Around 1900, New York State paid a large bounty for each Mountain Lion killed in the Catskill Mountains. Post your sightings and NH photos here!
Mountain Lions weigh from 80-225 pounds (36-103 kg), averaging 140 (64 kg). If all of those mountain lions … Anything we can do to make it happen and make it happen safely, we will," he said. ! By the 1960s, mountain lions dwindled in the western states but managed to survive into the 21st century.

Mountain lions were known to be in the Catskills when the Dutch came over in the 1600's. The northern slopes of Lyon Mountain are in the southern part of the community, with the 3,840-foot (1,170 m) summit to the south in the town of Saranac. 674 likes. The population was 423 at the 2010 census. Experts say if there is a population of eastern cougars in the Adirondacks, then it is likely a very small one. Mountain Lions in NH. The mountain lion is not supposed to be in that part of the USA anymore- … "They have been absent from this state since the late 1800s; however, there have been a few isolated sightings. If you ask people who have seen them,people that have seen tracks or that have heard them then yes there are mountain lions back in New York. The Damned Story: Eastern mountain lions, or pumas or cougars, were last officially seen in Connecticut near the end of the 19th century.A threat to livestock, they were hunted out of the state and driven to parts more wild. According to the Department of Environmental Conservation, “mountain lions do not have a native, self-sustaining population in New York State. Around 1930, all of them were hunted to extinction. Mountain lions, which are also called cougars, pumas, and sometimes panthers, once roamed from coast to coast. Each sighting involved cougars that … Not only have I heard them but I have also had one.
The name “cougar” means “false deer” in Tupi, the language of an Amazonian people. The Eastern cougar, or mountain lion, was historically present in the state, but has been absent since the late 1800s. I would have to say that YES there are mountain lions living in. Mountain lions were known to be in the Catskills when the Dutch came over in the 1600's. Future for the Mountain Lion in the Adirondacks. One day in 1997, Ken Kogut was driving down a highway in the New York's Adirondack Mountains and he saw something that shouldn’t have been there. This fact sheet provides information on its … New York State. “Cougars occasionally pass through New York, but there are no known breeding populations in the state,” he said in an email. Researchers view these traveling mountain lions as the oddball young males, hunting for a partner, rather than any type of major easterly migration. The NYS DEC says most people who report encountering a mountain lion have most likely actually seen a wild bobcat, fisher, coyote, or a large domestic housecat or dog. That year, private hunters, encouraged by state and federal agencies, killed 2,800 mountain lions in Western states. We'll push great photos to the front page. Length varies from 5-9 feet (150-275 cm); this measurement includes the 26-32 inch (66-82 cm) tail. Their range spreads from the Canadian Yukon to Patagonia in South America, the largest of any living mammal in the Americas. It depends on WHO you ask! chase me out of the Hector National Forest! Advocates say bringing mountain lions back to New York would help restore equilibrium in the ecosystem that is long on prey and short on predators. We operate and maintain the trail system from Dannemora to Standish. More Visitors May Soon Be Allowed In New York Hospitals, Cuomo Says"New York will be a full partner.

Around 1930, all of them were hunted to extinction. Lyon Mountain is a hamlet and census-designated place located in the town of Standish in Clinton County, New York, United States. 828 likes. Mountain Lions snowmobile club, Saranac, New York.