Interesting. Then idle in Badly Drawn World for a day, even with low drop chance (should be around 1%) you will get all next tier equipment. the only way I see of really closeing the gap would be to put about 1-1.6 million exp into adventure stats.

There seems to be a fairly large gap between beard and badly drawn world where even if I have a full maxed out set of walderps good set the gap would still be fairly large with no real way to close it easily.

Last update: 2019-06-06 - 20:44:33. If you ever need more gold, NGU Gold and NGU Time machine are what you want to look at, on top of the last entry in blood magic's spells (you can easily get a few hundred percents in less than a minute at your point, going too long isn't worth it but both that and the drop chance one are worth putting blood into at the start of your rebirth). With 20m/12m was enough to start manually killing the monsters.

am I missing something that should be obvious or is getting access to badly drawn world just that … Currently I'm idling for the badly drawn world set but progress is slow since the drop rates are so small.

> I am very far away from badly drawn world, so the cane is the best I can get. GitHub is home to over 50 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

As for challenges, it's a bit … I spent 26 hours doing Adventure Training and leveling drop and adventure beards. I'm wondering what my next move should be whether I should keep farming the adventure sets or rebirth or move onto challenges at the expense of my NUMber. My Candy Cane was level 3 when I killed the first monster in the Badly Drawned world.

But I always … NGU adventure is 10k and perm BEARd - 150. Dismiss Join GitHub today. I could use your file to create the item datas. Or just keep doing 1 day runs until you can autokill (it should take slightly more time but less dependent on if you can guess the … After that return to 1 day runs and in few more days you will easily reach auto-kill point in just an hour, start farming Badly Drawn World seriously at that time. I was quite lucky I had all my energy in NGU gold which is at a level of 160,000. Total Stats Max: Total Power: 1,000,000: Total HP Max: 3,000,000: Total Toughness: Hello there, I added items on adventure page, if you can create item pages (I don't want to break it).