See course. NOLS is actually a leadership school founded in 1965 that focuses on using the backcountry as a classroom. NOLS currently offers 11 courses for teens and adults who self-identify as women. All Services. They have courses … I am thinking of of taking the Wind River Wilderness course but my concern is that it is going to be a "summer camp" feel for 18-22 year olds (the average age says 20 in the course … Qualifying subject areas include: cultural studies, first aid, risk management, leadership techniques, and environmental studies. Highlight: Southwest Leaders of Color Expedition (Ages 18+ Designed for self-identified people of color who are current trip leaders, this course … They do hikes, climbs, camping, boating, etc. May 16, 2018. … The new courses will include trainings to grow leadership and outdoor skills. For winter and spring 2019, we’re excited to offer two new women-only courses, backpacking in the Southwest and backcountry skiing and snowboard touring in the Tetons, and a new service expedition. for every level. NOLS locations around the world: There are nine campus locations in the US, including our original location in Lander, Wyoming. Join REI's expert guides for this hands-on, first look at camping. Teen Adventure Camp Program Comparison Comparing Outward Bound, Wilderness Adventures, Apogee Adventures, and other summer camps for teens. Like the original NOLS courses, these immersive monthlong expeditions for teens and adults offer an opportunity to build competence in one or more types of wilderness travel, develop your leadership style, and form new friendships. Affinity courses are designed for explorers seeking wilderness experiences with those who share kinship, community, or interests.. Ask NOLS; BookMatch; Census 2020; Educator Cards; Español. Prime Courses: Two weeks long for adults ages 23 and up.

Yeah, that one. Sigma 3, or “the Institute for Self Reliance,” is one of the best known survival schools. Affinity Courses. Planning a trip always represents new possibilities: Where will we go that’s new? Participants tackle personal and physical challenges and re-discover their strength and energy. You can take a two week tiptoe through the tulips, or go down to Patagonia for a year and climb that mountain waaaay over there. You should check out NOLS, National Outdoor Leadership Schools. This year’s offerings include affinity courses for people of color and women, designed for those who share community and seek wilderness experience. Students also learn competencies in outdoor skills, so this is an opportunity to challenge yourself.

By Molly Herber.

You'll practice setting up tents, get help selecting the best … NOLS Prime Courses are designed for adults. no showers, bathrooms, bear … I am looking to take a NOLS class that will give me the best qualifications to start some sort of outdoor career. Designed for adults aged 18+, these Classic wilderness adventure expeditions are about recapturing the enthusiasm of doing something new, different and difficult. NOLS courses in Wyoming are eligible for VA benefits, and across the school you have access to a variety of courses and skill areas. It's always the season for campfires, s'mores, and spending time in nature. Adult Programs at Wilderness Awareness School. I recently took a National Outdoor Leadership School course in Outdoor Education, Mountaineering in the Pacific Northwest. But that is not the teen program. I know a few adults who did leadership training at NOLS and had nothing but praise for those programs. NOLS Prime: NOLS Prime Expeditions are immersive 1- to 3- week wilderness experiences designed exclusively for adults 23 and over.Our mission is to be educators, not guides.This means while learning how to climb, sail, backpack and more, you’re getting experience making decisions and mentorship from your instructors on managing risk with your group—with the goal that when your course …