The Great Plains toad is a rotund species that inhabits dry desert grasslands. Western toad (A. boreas).

I can't find a site that says how much they weight.

Boreal toad (Anaxyrus boreas boreas) Species description: In the southern Rocky Mountain population of the boreal toad (Anaxyrus boreas boreas), female boreal toads may reach a length 4.3 inches, while males seldom exceed 3.7 inches.

Great Plains toad (A. cognatus). I did find on one site they can eat 55% of their body weight, but it didn't say how much that was. Western Green Toad (adults) Quantity in Basket: None Code: WGT Price: $10.00 Shipping Weight: 1.00 pounds Sold Out : Quantity: Texas Green Toad (Bufo dilibis) Description: Texas Green Toads are green toads with black lines or spots and a white underbelly. Western toads were once common throughout Yellowstone. The bright blue tail then moves vigorously around, distracting the predator while the skink tries to … Plains Spadefoot Toad In 2015, a breeding population of plains spadefoot toads was confirmed in Yellowstone.

The common toad of the western U.S., from Mexico to Canada. The western skink is the only lizard in Washington that has a bright blue tail, shiny smooth scales, and stripes running along the length of their body. Unlike most frogs or toads, the males of this species are much larger than females. It reaches 4 to 5 inches and is boldly marked with large ovals of dark pigment dorsally. This species is prone to chirp loudly when picked up.

The GWR Toad is a railway brake van, designed by and built for the Great Western … Although more prominent in females, both sexes often have a distinctive light mid-dorsal stripe. Western Toads are explosive breeders, with reproduction occuring for a short period in early spring (e.g., during a one to two week period). Western Toads reach sexual maturity between 2-6 years of age; females may reproduce only every 1-3 years, and possibly only once in their life time, while males may breed more than once per year (Olson 1988).
They are only 3.8 to 7.4 cm long, so I am assuming they only way an ounce or two. Both sexes have warty skin and oval parotoid glands.
If caught by a predator, the western skink can detach its tail.