Character history In Flower Fields, Mario and his team finds a Lakitu on the way to Cloudy Climb. Take the southwest path now, and give this flower a Red Berry, it'll allow you to pass through the gate. deactivated-57d8401f17c55. Tell em why you want it! Money Money: 7: Traded from Merlow for 20 Star Pieces: Mario wins twice the amount of coins from battle as he usually does.

Repel Gel-Harry's Shop (30 Coins) Use in battle to make Mario invisible and invincible temporarily. You'll get a Flower Saver Badge for your trouble! Cake Mix + Volt Shroom: Fire Flower: Fire attack to the enemy party. You'll have to appease the Blue Flower with a Blue Berry to get past the gate. Follow 7221. Strange Fruit + Dried Leaf: Fire Pop: Restores 20 FP, but takes away 1 HP. A battle counter reading かいめ ("X-th time") that goes up to 3.

Paper Mario ( 2000 ) Super Mario-Kun. This topic is locked from further discussion. But please be respectful about it. Go … Shooting Star When Mario's HP drops really low and he's in "peril", his attack power goes up by 4. Paper Mario Wise Wisterwood's Welcome. ". Now go back to the hub and take the western path.

As soon as you enter Flower Fields, you'll hear a voice call you. My friends! Flower Fields is a plain in the northwest area of the Mushroom Kingdom in Paper Mario. Minh T. learns about what happens to Flower Fields with the clouds blocking out the Sun, and so Minh T. tries to help the Bub-ulbs as much as she can by planting flowers outside Flower Fields. Reviews: 0. In Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, it is found in a hidden room in Creepy Steeple underneath the star statue, bought from Dazzle for ten Star Pieces, or dropped by Piranha Plants, Crazy Dayzees, and Amazy Dayzees. 0. What this was for is unknown, and it too goes untranslated. We're getting a paper mario for Wii U! Hit it, grab one, and continue to the left. When you get the Magical Seeds , you give them to Minh T. so that she can plant them. In Paper Mario, it can be bought from Merlow for twenty-five Star Pieces or obtained in a well to the east Flower Fields by throwing a Blue Berry inside it. Cake Mix + Fire Flower: Fried Egg: Restores 10 HP. Amazy Dayzees are a yellow, glittery version of a Crazee Dayzee found in Flower Fields in Paper Mario, as well as Twilight Trail and the Pit of 100 Trials in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.

Multibounce: 1 While a corresponding jump/hammer icon shows up whenever Mario uses Jump/Smash Charge, Goombario never gets one. Charge icon for Goombario, as well as a generic version.

For Paper Mario on the Nintendo 64, a GameFAQs Q&A question titled "Odd well in Flower Fields? Along the way, you'll find this tree that bears yellow berries. He is a Lakitu. Forum Posts.