Russia timeline A chronology of key events: 1237-40 - Mongols invade Russia, ... Baltic states, Finland and Poland cede as the Russian Empire collapses. Russia, at its start, is a Orthodox Russian tsardom located in the Oka area, Russia region of the Eastern Europe subcontinent. 882. In History. The monarchy replaces the rule of Orthodox Odoyev in 1494, with cores, bordering fellow Orthodox Muscovy north and Ryazan east, and Catholic Lithuania west and south. Russian History Timeline The History Timeline of Places, including the Russian History Timeline, provides fast facts and information about this famous place with its history and the most important events of the country detailed together with related historical events which arranged in chronological, or date, order providing an actual sequence of events in the Russian History Timeline. The red army deafted the white armed forces of South Russia in Ukraine and the army led by Alexsandr Kolchakin Siberia in 1919. Did you know that during the reign of the Russian Czars, Russia had become a European superpower? This war was a multi-party war in the former Russian Empire fought between the Bolshevik red and white army. This is a list of all reigning monarchs in the history of Russia. The first formal Russian state 'Kievan Rus', established by Prince Oleg of the Rurik Dynasty with its capital in Kiev 988. Czar (also spelled as tsar) literally means an emperor or a male monarch. It ends with the Emperor of Russia Nicholas II who abdicated the throne in 1917, and was shot dead with his family in 1918. It was the imperial title of Russian rulers, who ruled Russia from 16th century until the Bolshevik revolution in 1917. Many different armies fought against the red army. A timeline created with Timetoast's interactive timeline maker. The Russian Empire of the early 18 th to early 20 th century was an autocracy led by an all-powerful emperor until the 1905 Revolution, when it became a semi-constitutional monarchy. 1 Princes of Novgorod. 1918-22 - Civil war between the Red Army and White Russians, or anti-communists, who were aided by Britain, France and the US. The 1917 Revolution abolished the monarchy entirely, when Nicholas II (r. 1894-1917) abdicated the throne on March 15, 1917, ending the empire. The title Czar is derived from the Latin word Caesar, the title of Roman emperors. R U S S I A (1450 - 1750) By: Sara Scales, Melody Molinaro, Lina Chung, Eliana Marcu Most similar socially Mughal and Qing Patriarchal- men were superior to women; women there for support land grant system based on military service hated anything related to western society gave The New Russian Empire (Russian: Новой Российская Империя; Novoy Rossiyskaya Imperiya), commonly called the Russian Empire or just Russia, is a country in north Eurasia.It shares borders with over 14 countries spanning from Europe to the Far East of Asia.