Look back at the history of Bayonetta developer Platinum Games’ Scalebound, from its announcement in 2014 to its delay, and then to its cancellation in January 2017.

We're none the wiser.

Review. Latest News ... PlatinumGames Would Love to Finish Scalebound With Microsoft's Permission- IGN News. Platforms Xbox One, PC. Estimated arrival date: January 01, 2018. As to a more specific launch window? Release Date Cancelled. Jan 11, 2017 10:36am. Feb 4, 2020-358.

On January 9th, 2017, after Scalebound was delayed from it's 2016 holiday release to 2017, Microsoft confirmed that Scalebound had been officially cancelled, though declined to … The release date for the video game listed below has been changed by the publisher, and we want to provide you with a new delivery estimate based on the new release date: "Scalebound".


So now all we know is that a Scalebound release date lies somewhere in 2017.