If sleeping sickness is not treated at proper time, it can lead to severe complications like cardiac failure, other diseases related to the brain, and even death. The infection attacks the central nervous system, it results in swelling of the brain.

African trypanosomiasis, also referred to as sleeping sickness, is an illness endemic to sub-Saharan Africa. Medications and drugs are helpful in treating this disease. Parasites - African Trypanosomiasis (also known as Sleeping Sickness) Section Navigation. Preventive measures are aimed at minimizing contact with tsetse flies. Sleeping sickness is endemic to Africa and generally infects extremely poor people who live in remote regions. Also known as " sleeping sickness " or " sleepy sickness " (distinct from tsetse fly -transmitted sleeping sickness ), it was first described in 1917 by the neurologist Constantin von Economo [1] [2] and the pathologist Jean-René Cruchet . Tsetse flies are found in 36 countries in sub-Saharan Africa, putting 65 million people at risk. Sleeping sickness Sleeping sickness African Trypanosomiasis, also known as "sleeping sickness,"is a parasitic infection caused by germs carried by tsetse flies. The doctor may undertake tests like the blood smear, complete blood count (CBC), albumin and globulin levels, and a complete physical examination to diagnose the disease. Encephalitis lethargica is an atypical form of encephalitis. Without treatment the disease is fatal. There is no vaccine or drug for prophylaxis against African trypanosomiasis. Treatment is primarily supportive and may comprise of a combination of IV fluids in case of food and water reluctance, corticosteroids to reduce inflammation, anticonvulsants, and other medications. East African sleeping sickness is caused by the subspecies T. b. Rhodesiense. Facebook; Twitter; LinkedIn; Email; Syndicate; Prevention & Control Related Pages. Infections with the subspecies result in a much faster progression from stage one to stage two than seen with West African sleeping sickness. Treatment of Sleeping Sickness in Horses There is no specific treatment that will successfully fight equine encephalomyelitis. CDC Home. Cape Talk [14 May 2020] "Film on revolutionary sleeping sickness treatment, directed by SA filmmakers, scoops coveted World Health Organisation award" Click here to listen to the interview