Words by Noelani Piters | 3.28.18. email. How To Spot Fake Supreme Box Logo – Fake Vs Real Supreme Bogo. How to Spot Real Supreme Pieces.

AUTHENTICITY. Fake Vs Real Supreme Swarovski Box Logo Guide.

Ch David. How To Spot Fake Supreme X Louis Vuitton Box Logo Hoodies. Ch Daniel. Facebook. Ch Daniel . Supreme has been the apple of the streetwear world’s eye for some time, and with the recent adoption of hoodies, sneakers and caps in the high fashion realm, the brand has become more hyped than ever. The highlight, in 2017 the Supreme teamed up with the world’s number 1 brand, Louis Vuitton, and launched the Supreme x Louis Vuitton box hoodies logo.

Namely Nike, Visvim, Comme des Garcons, Stussy, and Vans. Ch David.

Ch David. Lettering: “m” arches.

A fantastic price comparison.

Box Logo Placement. Lettering: floating “e” Ch Daniel. This Supreme hoodie is priced at a retail price of, and the reselling price reaches USD 25,000. Explore our Supreme Box Logo Hoodie real vs fake authentication guides.