This video is unavailable. They include: 1) Belt-fed AR-15 variants, Belt-fed machine guns. This is Tier One Pack, One of sadly (now only two) of Three packs made by Sierra to expand the Swat 3 TGOTY and Elite Edition arsenal with new weapons it was one of 4 mods on the TGOTY CD, It has new weapons from the Arwin Launcher to the CZ 75. 3) A variety of secondary weapons (pistols). This file isn't from me, Nor do I take credit for it, It was on the Swat 3 Reunited website. Autoload Pack With 3 Tiers Of Pallet Loading V1.0.0.1 for Farming Simulator 19.

Reuploaded here to get interest in the game again. Watch Queue Queue. Fixed Tension belts on the DPW180. Watch Queue Queue It will autoload 18 pallets on the SEK802 and 36 pallets on the DPW180. 2) Precision rifles in both .308 and .50 BMG.

Tier One Pack ===== Author: Sierra The Tier One pack adds a new arsenal of high-powered weapons. Credits:DexterEngineering . Be careful while driving as it is heavy! This is the Tier Three Pack, It contains new weapons which were from the Swat 3 TGOTY CD, This file can be used for Single player and multiplayer.