Tweet on Twitter. Deeper thoughts on "The Greatest" by Sia and ft. Kendrick Lamar. Sia and Kendrick communicate exactly what they mean to, and, I think that once you understand what the deeper meaning of the song is, how each part supports it … Sia: The Greatest Meaning. Uh-oh, running out of breath, but I Oh, I, I got stamina Uh-oh, running now, I close my eyes Well, oh, I got stamina And uh-oh, I …

Learn English; Vocabulary; Grammar; Quiz; Infographics; Idioms; About Us; Home English Videos Sia – THE GREATEST lyrics meaning. She got addicted to drugs, suffered depression and even wrote a … However i have seen quite a few different opinions on the actual message of the music video. The music video features 49 dancers (one for each Sia's words undoubtedly reflect the idea that because we are still alive, every single human being has the opportunity to be something great.

Song Released: 2016. Share on Facebook . 6795. Obviously alot of people are aware that this is a dedication to the Orlando shooting. Anastasia Koltai - November 29, 2016. So here is my opinion.

“The Greatest” is an uplifting song of support for the LGBT community in the wake of the 2016 Pulse nightclub mass shooting. Outside the music video version, ‘The Greatest’ also features an excellent rap addition from Kendrick Lamar. His words speak to the same message as Sia (“Hey, I am the wisdom of the fallen – I’m the youth,” “Letdowns will get you / And the critics will test you / But the strongest survive / Another scar may bless you, ah”). Sia's video for "The Greatest" may be her most powerful piece yet. Upon the song's release, "The Greatest" debuted on several charts worldwide, including the US Billboard Hot 100 at number 52, UK Singles Chart at 49, and Australian Singles Chart at number 25, and achieved top ten debuts in France, New Zealand, Scotland, Finland, Norway, Hungary, Spain, and Sweden. The victims will go on living in our hearts and minds forever, martyrs whose faces are forever intertwined with our country's history. Kendrick Lamar joins Sia on her new song “The Greatest,” the first new music we’ve heard since she released her This Is Acting album back in January. Before Chandelier, Sia was a singer with mediocre success.

While Sia or the video's director haven't explicitly spoken about the message of the video, a few of the dancers in the video have taken to Instagram to share their experiences filming the video as well as tributes to the lives lost in the tragic event. I think there's likely little to add to the above explanations of "The Greatest." Get "The Greatest" on MP3: Get MP3 from Amazon Get MP3 from iTunes. Tagged: Death. Blog. English Videos; English Vocabulary; Lyrics; Sia – THE GREATEST lyrics meaning. Discussion. The Greatest Lyrics.

LYRICS. The true meaning behind Sia - The greatest. The video starts with Maddie in a cage with other people.