In this life you know you gotta live it up So everybody put your hands in the air now It's an all night party that we getting into If you think it's all over then the joke is on you It's a dream It's a scene and it's all brand new If you think you can stop it then the joke is on you (x2) We did it, we did it again (ah oh) (x4) Gotta get away from the lies and the liars. Hearts are hand grenades. Gotta make a break from the lies and the liars. Sharp like razorblades. Zebrahead Lyrics. The joke's on you, and I hope it's fatal You did a lot to me But luckily I kept my sanity through it all Reality's I proved you wrong You were a liar, so now I'm movin' on And you're stuck in a position where you hate your reflection And I predicted every thang before it came to fruition Just a flame in the distance, picture frame, no existence Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 48. Lyrics to 'Jokes On You' by Fabolous. For “The Joke,” Carlile kept the focus on what made her the most nominated female artist going into tonight’s ceremony. Zebrahead - The Joke`s On You Lyrics. I ain't tryna cuddle up, girl you gotta go home Don't get me outta my zone, stop callin' my phone (uh!) Our lungs are chokin' in the haze. Loading... Unsubscribe from Xue Hnyn Xe? Chatter gets to you 'cause you always in the club (uh-huh!) You know we'll never give it up People talk But we just don't care And it's life You know you gotta live up So everybody put your hands in the air now. "The Joke's On You".

Wind me up and then let me go. The joke's on you The joke's on you God knows I've tried to be kind But I won't just lay down and die Wearing a fake smile The joke's on you [Verse 2] My heart's gone bad, now it won't beat for you You had your laugh, now I won't play the fool I've lied for you and I … Riding on a unicorn stranded in my mind Electric raven met me there To see what we could find Strange days incredible days Bring all my children to me Strange ways incredible ways On a dark stars endless journey Endless remains of fading dreams Lies stranded with the past You're lying to yourself A tall tale to tell You're just an empty shell A break down You're lying to yourself Half-Truth and lies Empty alibis Cut me down to size Turns out the jokes on you You can't disguise Better recognize I won't sympathize Turns out the joke's on you Shoot me down with a ricochet Poison tongue and a price to pay Charlottes Lawrence - The Joke's On You ( Lyrics ) Xue Hnyn Xe. I've lied for you, and I liked it too But my knees are bruised, from kneelin' to you I've had enough, but you're too hard to quit We had our fun, now your sugar makes me sick I've lied for you, and I liked it too But my makeup's ruined And now I'm laughin' through my tears I'm cryin' through my fear But baby, if I had to choose The joke's on you Cancel Unsubscribe. Distortion comes in waves. (Our lungs are chokin' in the haze) (Distortion comes in waves) (Gotta get away from the lies and the liars) (Hearts are hand grenades) (Sha The Jokes On You Lyrics. Make money, money Make money, money, money Make money, money Make money, money, money