The life span of a Common Toad in captivity may be as high as 20 – 40 years, however, in the wild, it is more likely to be 10 – 12 years. This is called . NARRATOR: Toads breed in water. Their song is a long trill lasting from 6 to 30 seconds. Click to hear a male Cane Toad calling . Frogs and toads belong to the class Amphibia and the order Anura (meaning “without a tail”). Predators of Cane Toad tadpoles in Australia include dragonfly nymphs, water beetles, Saw-shelled Turtles and Keelback Snakes. The common toad emerges from its overwintering site between March and May and proceeds to migrate to its breeding site. Life Cycle of a Toad Class description: Students will learn about the life cycle of a toad. Males arrive first at ponds and along the banks of creeks. In springtime male and female toads gather in large numbers around ponds, marshes, and ditches. amplexus. When the males reach water, and the air temperature is warm enough, they begin to call. 1 . Keelbacks also eat young toads; laboratory tests have shown that they can tolerate low levels of toad toxins. Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc. The life cycle of a North American toad. The Common Toad (Bufo bufo) can be found across Europe and Asia in a wide variety of habitats including woods, meadows and, of course, gardens. 3 .

The Product Support Life Cycle table above describes the phase during which products are eligible for product support and new release downloads. Toads are much less attached to ponds than their smooth skinned cousin, the Common Frog, spending most of their time in damp places under rocks and logs or in thick grass tussocks. Common toads are known to return to their ancestral ponds year after year. Article media libraries that feature this video: Amphibian, Amplexus, Anura, Egg, Metamorphosis, Reproduction, Tadpole, Toad. Common Toad Life Cycle. Male American Toad in Fairmount Park pond. As a result of Quest's recent divestiture from Dell, Quest acquired a number of products from Dell. Some of these legacy products found on this website may still contain Dell branding. The male is the first to reach the breeding pond. Common Toad Conservation Status Common toads … A Cane Toad’s Lifecycle . On warm summer nights male Cane Toads gather around water bodies (like dams and ponds) and start calling to attract nearby females. American Toads breed in early spring in Philadelphia, usually in April. Note that these differences are often colloquial and somewhat arbitrary, and as far as scientists are concerned both frogs and toads are members of the same class and order. Location: Classroom Duration: 1 hour Standards Addressed: Life Science GLE 2.1 the duration and timing of life cycle events such as reproduction and longevity vary across Life history cycle. 2 . When toads mate, the male frog climbs on the females back and clasps her underneath.

Male American Toad in the woods. Only the males sing.