Trapping Regulations.

Last Modified: Feb 1, 2016 Print. Objective 1.4. Contact. Department of Natural Resources - Fur Bearing Animals. VERMONT'S FURBEARERS Find out about Vermont's … 741 likes. Develop a geographic information system beaver habitat suitability model by 2012.

The first anti-trapping bill was introduced in the New Hampshire Legislature in 1901.15 However, it was the formation of the Anti-Steel-Trap League in 1925 that signified the beginning of an organized ap-proach to reform trapping in the United States. Trapping License Required of Nuisance Trapper A person who for compensation sets a trap for rabbits or furbearing animals on the property of another person in defense of that property shall possess a valid trapping license. Note: Tiffany Wildlife Area has a special beaver/otter closed area. Rarely Seen Trapping Footage.

Beaver Damage Management.

Determine how beaver regulations such as bag limit, season length, trap distance from beaver structure, and number and type of trapping devices permitted influence the harvest. My account; Cart; Checkout; News & Reports; Contact; 0 VERMONT'S FURBEARERS Find out about Vermont's Furbearing Animals. Hunting and Trapping Seasons.

In 1910, beaver were protected by state law and began to make a slow comeback.

This assistance might include the installation of water control structures, protective fences, and advice on beaver population control if necessary. In most areas, beaver are protected as furbearers by State laws and regulations. LEARN MORE. Resident Youth Trapping License $18.50. Hunting Season Dates: Year-round; See Fur Harvester Digest for more information.. The Department will assess the status of lynx in Vermont, identify and evaluate additional techniques and devices for avoiding incidental capture of lynx, and develop revisions to these rules in accordance with the findings of such studies and all current information.

Because beaver create such valuable wildlife habitat, the Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife has a long-standing program to provide technical assistance to landowners and municipalities to help resolve beaver/human conflicts. May only be used in the burrow of a wild animal or below the surface of the water in a pond, lake, stream, spring hole, or tidal water. Fees below include transaction and dealer fees.

Trapping nearly eliminated beaver from New Hampshire by the late 1800's. Professional Beaver Trapping & Removal in the State of Massachusetts & Southern Vermont … Chapter 43 , the State Statute for the regulation of non-power 1 , non-federal 2 dams was amended. Beaver; Bobcat; Coyote; Fisher; Gray Fox; Long Tailed Weasel; Mink; Muskrat; Opossum; Raccoon; Red Fox; River Otter; Short Tailed Weasel; Striped Skunk; Resources; Shop Menu Toggle. Regulated hunting and trapping play important roles in conservation and management of furbearers.

Note: The use of .269 caliber or smaller for the take of coyotes, foxes, raccoons, and opossums at night is permitted.

The Vermont Statutes Online .

If beavers are causing severe damage, state wildlife agencies may issue special trapping permits to professional wildlife control operators, or in some states, volunteer trappers.Trapping beaver requires training and proper equipment to be done effectively and ethically.


While previous anti-trapping efforts had been motivated by concerns for dwindling Beavers are the largest rodents in North America, and their population is estimated to be between 6 and 12 million animals. Please contact Chief Dam Safety Engineer Ben Green at or 802-622-4093 with any questions, concerns, or comments. Vermont Hunting and Trapping Dates - printable pdf .