While there are many species of toads, toxicity is largely dependent on the species that live in your area of the country. The first Cassin's Sparrow was described in 1852 by Samuel W. Woodhouse from a specimen collected near San Antonio, Texas. Dr. Woodhouse gave it its species name in honor of John Cassin, a Philadelphia ornithologist. Mike Doran No views.

While there are other similar, potentially toxic toads throughout Texas, the bufo marinus is more dangerous and most prevalent in the Rio Grande Valley. Woodhouse’s Toad. Woodhouse's Toad); and Fowler's Toad (a subspecies of Woodhouse's Toad) that is found through most of the United States. All 124; ... red-spotted toad 2.

In central Texas, Woodhouse's toads breed sympatrically with cricket frogs (Acris crepitans), green toads, Gulf Coast toads, western narrow-mouthed toads (Gastrophryne olivacea), spotted chorus frogs (Pseudacris clarkii), Strecker's chorus frogs (P. streckeri), and Rio Grande leopard frogs (Rana berlandieri). gulf coast toad 5. Along the Gulf Coast, a very prevalent resident of our backyards harbors one of the more common toxins to dogs. But there ARE toads who pose a big threat to your dogs (and cats), depending on where you live. More. Tiny snails in a small ditch. Woodhouse’s toad is a medium-sized, robust species of toad occurring in the United States and Mexico.

Anaxyrus punctatus.

Woodhouse’s Toad (Bufo woodhousii) photo 10. L. Age/Size at Reproductive Maturity. Size: Length (snout to vent): 2½ to 4 inches.

More. Woodhouse’s toad can vary in color from yellowish brown to greenish grey with a light stripe down the middle of its back. Barred Owl Fledgling Denton Texas ... 1:09. Woodhouse's toad (Anaxyrus woodhousii) and Woodhouse's scrub jay (Aphelocoma woodhouseii) were named in his honor. Notes Herps of Travis County This is a guide to the reptiles and amphibians of Travis County. - Duration: 0:43. El Paso’s most amazing residents By Rick LoBello, Education Curator Ever wonder why… In fact, run-ins with these amphibians can be fatal. Couch's spadefoot toads are common in many lowland areas of El Paso. Where this happens, intermediate characteristics will occur.

Woodhouse’s toad usually has irregular (not paired) dark brown or black spots on the back. The east Texas toad has only been found in eastern Kaufman County. These toads can be found throughout most of Texas, except for far eastern and western half of south Texas. woodhouse's toad 4. texas toad 3.

There are three recognized subspecies of this species. Anaxyrus woodhousii. Incilius nebulifer. Woodhouse’s toad can hybridize with the eastern American toad. The nocturnal species is a true toad. They can reach up to 5″ in length! Woodhouse's toad is a widespread species that occurs as … Woodhouse’s Toad Pictures […] New; 0:43. Here in the Great Plains, the toads were likely either Woodhouse’s toads (Anaxyrus woodhousii) or Great Plains Toads (Anaxyrus cognatus) and the bufotoxin posed no real danger to our dogs. Anaxyrus speciosus. As you read this there are literally thousands of spadefoot toads a foot or so beneath the soil surface waiting in a state of estivation for the next summer rains. woodhouses_toad_from_above_1-5-15.jpg. gulf coast toad 6. The bufo marinus (the Giant, Marine or Cane toad) commonly attracts a curious pet with their large size and jumping motion.